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Seattle Mariners Franchise Fitted Baseball Cap

Founded in 1946, Twins Enterprise is the creator of The Franchise, their signature cap that is always the perfect fit. Twins has the exclusive rights to create fitted, relaxed caps for Major League Baseball. Several top universities (including Alabama, Texas, Notre Dame, and North Carolina) look exclusively to Twins to create the Franchise cap for their students and fans. When Major League Baseball players celebrate winning their Division or the Wild Card they proudly wear caps manufactured and created by Twins Enterprise. Available in just about every major sport, as well as many impressive companies and brands, Twins Caps are everywhere. You may even be wearing one right now.

Customer Review: Go Mariners!
This is a great hat. When it first arrived, it was horridly tight fitting, but has since stretched out a bit to fit my head by wearing it about an hour each day. The emblem on the front is great quality. One of my favorite hats.

The Houston Astros made an incredible run to finish the 2005 regular season, stealing the Wild Card and defeating conference rival St. Louis in the playoffs on their way to the World Series. Having to win to make the playoffs got the Astros playing great baseball and gave them good momentum heading into the postseason. We saw this same effect with the Steelers this past NFL season when they had to win do or die games for over a month to make the playoffs. While other teams were coasting, such as St. Louis, Houston was playing to win.

Many analysts were saying that the Astros ran out of gas in the World Series. Realistically, they ran out of bats. They struggled to support their elite pitching staff all season long, and I dont see big changes on the offensive end on the horizon. It really hurt this team to lose Beltran and Berkmans numbers suffered slightly because of it as his 2005 stats were below his career averages. They dont have a strong lineup and rely heavily on their pitching staff to pick up wins. Outside of Berkman, Morgan Ensberg is the only guy with any punch, after hitting .283 last season with 36 home runs and 101 RBIs.

The Astros have started slow the past several seasons and have caught fire down the stretch. They have especially struggled early on versus left handed pitching as they started last season winning just 4 of their first 18 against south paws and just 1 of their first 12 on the road versus lefties. It would be wise to take a look at this team in the early going to see if a similar trend develops. The pitching staff has really carried this squad the last two seasons and last year they held opponents to only a .246 opposing batting average, which was the best in the major leagues. Roy Oswalt, Andy Pettitte, and Brandon Backe form a decent top three, but they will be anxiously awaiting to see if Roger Clemens is going to make his way back into an Astros uniform. The bullpen has developed great talent over the years, with Dotel, Wagner, and now Brad Lidge. Lidge struggled in the playoffs but Im expecting him to recover and have an impressive season after picking up 42 saves last season.

The Astros have become a fan favorite and one of those teams that people really enjoy betting on. A lot of that comes from them playing in the same division as the Cardinals and Cubs and getting a lot of quality games against ace pitchers. With that being said, you can really benefit by opening up multiple sportsbook accounts so you can keep track of where the public money is going and hit up advantageous lines. Look at the sponsors at this site and you will never be stuck with a losing sportsbook, just ones that pay when you making winning picks.

This article was written by Jimmy Boyd Pick up his Free MLB Picks here.

Jimmy Boyd is an expert baseball handicapper who releases free MLB picks daily.

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Oakland A's Franchise Fitted Baseball Cap

Founded in 1946, Twins Enterprise is the creator of The Franchise, their signature cap that is always the perfect fit. Twins has the exclusive rights to create fitted, relaxed caps for Major League Baseball. Several top universities (including Alabama, Texas, Notre Dame, and North Carolina) look exclusively to Twins to create the Franchise cap for their students and fans. When Major League Baseball players celebrate winning their Division or the Wild Card they proudly wear caps manufactured and created by Twins Enterprise. Available in just about every major sport, as well as many impressive companies and brands, Twins Caps are everywhere. You may even be wearing one right now.

Customer Review: What do you say about a hat?
It arrived at my place within 2 days, and it fit. That's worth 5 stars anyday. The pictures on Amazon make it look darker than it really is. It was hard for me to tell that it was green from the pictures, but in real life it is easy to tell.

The floundering Yankees managed to win one yesterday. Many are questioning A Rods tatics in the top of the ninth. With the Yankees up by two runs, Alex Rodriguez was running from first on a pop fly by Jorge Posada. As the Blue Jay Clark, 3b, was preparing to catch the pop fly with McDonald, ss, backing up the play; A Rod let out a yell. This yell was heard by Clark as one of his team mates calling him off and he backed off at the last moment. McDonald was unable to make the catch and the ball fell in for a hit.

The controversy started immediately. Umpire Chad Fairchild had to seperate McDonald and Rodriguez when McDonald started jawing with Rodriguez. The Blue Jays manager entered into the onfield dispute and the homebase umpire had to intervene. Rodriguez remained at third base with his smirk, until he came into score on Giambis single.

Rodriguez later brushed aside the Blue Jays anger, saying the Yankee$ were desperate for a win.

Honestly, I couldnt care less, he said. They have their opinions. Were looking not to be swept.

The thing about the Yankees, one of the reasons theyre so respected, is they do things right. Always have, manager John Gibbons said. Theyve got a lot of pride and a lot of class. They play the game hard. Thats not Yankee pride right there, he said. Thats not the way they play. I thought it was bush league.

It sounds like the sort of thing that would happen during an unsupervised game on the sandlots or a beer ball game. Technically there is nothing wrong with what A Rod did. After all, he didnt go out of the baseline or try to bowl over the player fielding the ball. Players really should know the voices of their other team mates.

In the final analysis, Alex resorted to a parlor trick trying to fan the embers in the overbloated bellies of his fellow Yankee$. It smacks of misplaced desperation.

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Pre-season Player Projections Blog, March 8th :: Fantasy Baseball 2008

Philadelphia Phillies Franchise Fitted Baseball Cap

Founded in 1946, Twins Enterprise is the creator of The Franchise, their signature cap that is always the perfect fit. Twins has the exclusive rights to create fitted, relaxed caps for Major League Baseball. Several top universities (including Alabama, Texas, Notre Dame, and North Carolina) look exclusively to Twins to create the Franchise cap for their students and fans. When Major League Baseball players celebrate winning their Division or the Wild Card they proudly wear caps manufactured and created by Twins Enterprise. Available in just about every major sport, as well as many impressive companies and brands, Twins Caps are everywhere. You may even be wearing one right now.

Customer Review: Nice cap, but XL is made too small
Nice hat but sizing is not 100% accurate. XL size was made too small and the brim was also on the small size. On my large noggin (24 inches around) it looked like a child's cap. I gave it to a co-worker with a slightly smaller brain, er, head and it looked fine on him.
Customer Review: good hat for the price
Nothing much to say. It was cheap, and it's a hat. I'm wearing it right now and it feels fine. I got it as a Goldbox deal, so I can't really complain because it was very cheap. You could easily pay double for this item in a store.

Jackie Robinson transcended the color barrier in major league baseball and became a hero for humanity. He was an icon for civil rights and helped lead the way for other ballplayers. A true inspiration to us all. An example of bravery and courage. Baseball was simply a vehicle for Jackie Robinson to bring light to the problems of racism in a time when racism was high.

Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play in the major leagues in 1947. He was a leader and knew the hardships that would follow. He exhibited extreme bravery and it took a man of Jackie's magnitude to handle all the problems that followed. He was so important to civil rights and helped lead the way for others to follow. An above and beyond leader whose number 42 will never ever be worn again in any major league park.

Having Jackie Robinson debut with the Brookly Dodgers in 1947 was one of the greatest civil rights moments in our history. It was made possible by Branch Rickey who served as the club president and general manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers. It was wonderful that Jackie got his chance to play in major league baseball, and it was a tragedy that the fiber of America during that time was so full of racism.

It has taken a man of Jackie's temperament and courage to help change the ugly face of racism in America. Mr. Robinson was a man of a fiery temperament who was asked to stay calm during his first couple of years and handle the pressure. I don't believe any other man could have handled the pressure. And because of his courage and bravery and willingness to stand tall, barriers have been brought down and continue to do so.

It is for these reasons that Jackie Robinson should be so honored. His jersey's number will never ever be worn again. He is an example of others to follow and in his words he stated: "I'm not concerned with your liking or disliking me... all I ask is that you respect me as a human being."

Jackie Robinson will always be a true civil rights hero who just happened to play baseball.

Bill Bathe - former major league ballplayer who played in 1989 world series. Been coached by Eddie Matthews, Harmon Killebrew, Billy Williams, and Dusty Baker to name a few. You can learn more by visiting which provides tips, advice, drills, equipment and video analysis of your swing. Also, inspirational stories and pictures of the journey to the big leagues.

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How To Hit A Baseball

This gets really down to the nitty gritty of do you really really care or want to know how? One of the first things you should do is canvas all the baseball players you know. Ask them to show you how to hit a baseball. Pay particularly close attention for you see they

may have the whole answer. They each one in his or her own way will give you their version of what you must do to know how to hit a baseball. You might even find one or two which duplicate some of the mechanics of how to hit a baseball.

Let me ask you a question or so about what you found out during this quest to learn about how to hit a baseball. Did anyone tell you to pay close attention to the placement of your elbow when in the hitters stance awaiting the next pitch? How about this one how many instructed you to place your feet an exact way when you stepped into the batters box to get ready?

How many of your ball players told you, "You must remember to always hold your head steady to be able to hit the ball?" Did anyone tell you to stand real close to the home plate or to stand well back deep in the batters box? Do you remember any of these players saying, "You must always swing your bat level when striking at the ball." How about this one , "Spread your feet as far apart as you can and still be comfortable to swing your bat."

All of that instruction you received coming from different people most likely was all different. Of all the things you were told which one did you feel natural , relaxed and confident that it would definitely make you hit the baseball? If you tell me one thing for sure that you remember and know will make you hit the baseball then for goodness sake put it in your memory bank and calculator called your brain for it will indeed help you accomplish and know how to hit a baseball.

All the rest of the how to hit a baseball you gathered is just so much "PHOOEY."

Here are some names of some of the best baseball hitters who ever played the game of baseball and you tell me me which ones listed had the same style, same mechanical swing of the bat , same stance, same position in the batters box etc etc.

Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Joe Dimaggio, Stan Musial, Barry Bonds, Honus Wagner, Nap Lajoie, Hank Aaron, Wee Willie Keeler, Mickey Mantle, Carl Yastrzemski , Roger Maris. I think you will have to conclude these were all great hitters and you will also note they all had their own unique style and way of how to hit a baseball.

How to hit a baseball foremost and always must be your very own natural way. Gain the knowledge for the essential elements involved in how to hit a baseball and apply that knowledge to your very own natural way to get the job done.

Batter Up----Let's Play Ball....

Major Wiley B. Channell USMC (ret) invites you to come visit and learn the five essential elements of Hitting A Baseball at:

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Why Do They Call It Shortstop?

Happy Spring,

Shortstop duties Part #2

The shortstop will need to back up throws to third base on steal attempts. The left fielder will also be helping out on backups, but the shortstop is the best chance to cut down runner trying to score on an overthrow.

For one thing they will be closer to the play. The shortstop usually has a more accurate arm, and is used in making these kinds of throws. Being mentally ready and recognizing runners beginning to steal, gives them that split second jump to get into position to back up the throw.

It is the shortstop's duty to yell loudly as the runner begins to steal. So make sure to have the shortstop hustle over and back up third base, that's the best chance to nail a runner trying to advance home.

When there is a bunt to the left side, the wheel play requires your shortstop to quickly cover third base to take the throw from the pitcher, or catcher to tag or force the runner at third. It is vitally important that the shortstop get the sign to all the players involved, since this is a timing play. Straddling the base in an athletic position, allows the shortstop to adjust for an offline throw and still make a play.

Shortstops must also be the relay man on a ball hit past the left or center fielders. Knowing the arm strengths of your outfielders is crucial. You must be positioned as a relay man to make short accurate throws to the bases.

In other words, don't have your shortstop go so far into the outfield that they will have a long throw to whatever base they are throwing to. This is where mental preparedness will help your shortstop. If they already know that your right fielder has a great arm, have them set up where there is a realistic shot at third base. A relay throw that bounces to you is far better than relay throw over your head. These are all the minute details of baseball that are often overlooked by many coaches.

For an accurate quickly relay throw, they must receive the ball with your glove shoulder pointing toward the infield or base you are throwing to. The shortstop must catch the baseball, transfer, and throw all in one motion.

This quick smooth transfer will save you precious time to get the base runner out on a close play. Shortstops with strong throwing arms are an asset on relay throws. They can gun down base runners trying to move up and possibly score. When the opposing team sees your team has a strong relay technique, they won't be so aggressive on the bases.

Shortstops must also be very vocal on short hops or fly balls into the outfield. When your shortstop is certain it is a ball they can catch , they must continue to yell loudly to ward off your outfielders. If the fly ball has been in the air for a long time, the outfielder may call them off. They actually have a better route to the ball. They are also coming in, so if they hear the outfielder call for the ball, clear out, and let them have it. They have run a long way for the ball, so let them have the reward. They also have a lot of momentum, and we want to avoid collisions at all costs. That is why practicing fly ball drills is so very important.

The position of shortstop requires a special athlete. It also requires the coaching staff to have all the knowledge they can get to maximize this position. Do your best to study or research as much coaching material as you can. A well coached team is a pleasure to watch. That part is your responsibility.

Thanks for your time.
Coach Chip

Chip Lemin has been a promoter of youth baseball since they started using aluminum bats. That's a long time. I have witnessed many good people get into coaching without solid coaching skills and it is not fun for them or the kids.Today's newer coaches are also being shortchanged on sportsmanship, like there is none. Visit my site to sign up for a insightful, informational, free coaching e-course at

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Easton Typhoon Adult Batting Glove Pair Pack

The Easton® Typhoon adult batting glove is constructed with a durable, 1-piece goatskin palm and a pre-curved finger design to fit the natural contour of the hand. Moisture-controling, 4-way stretch spandex at the back offers flex and comfort and a vented design increases breathability.
Customer Review: Get what you paid for
not for everyday use, wear out or tear very quickly, however, the price is not bad if you are looking for very limited use.

Last night I watched the Colorado Rockies clinch their first World Series berth ever with a 6-4 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks. And boy did the crowd go wild! Traditionally, Denver is a city that brings home championships. From John Elway and the Denver Broncos to Patrick Roy and the Avalanche, fans in Denver have become quite used to throwing end-of-the-season victory parades. But the Rockies? They usually are on the disappointing side. So, that they have finally made it to the World Series is definitely cause for raucous celebration.

However, during the wee hours of the night, after the roaring crowd finally died out, I began wondering whether or not the Rockies have a legitimate chance at winning the World Series. History is definitely on their side. Case in point, the 1976 Cincinnati Reds. Led by Pete Rose, Joe Morgan and Ken Griffey Sr., the Reds dominated the opposition in the division and league series. After going 7-0 leading up to the World Series, the Reds swept New York on their way to the championship. The Rockies, too, are undefeated so far and are becoming less likely to lose each game.

Also, over the course of the first six years in the 21st century, half of the teams who eventually went on to win the World Series were Wild Cards teams. To me, it seems as if the playoffs favor the Wild Card teams somewhat. At the end of each season, there is a dog fight to get into the playoffs. The team who gets the Wild Card is usually very hot at the time, having just fended off other would-be playoff teams. On the other hand, teams that win their division can sometimes be worn out by the long, grueling season, going wire to wire as the division leader. So, we can see that the best team does not always win the championship. Rather, the team who is riding a winning streak into the playoffs wins. Just ask the Angels, Marlins and Red Sox who were all Wild Card World Series champs during the years of 2002-2004.

Furthermore, the Rockies have team that has come up through the ranks together. Most of their current line-up is filled with young talent who, at one time or another, played with his teammates on the Rockies minor league team.

So, to answer the million-dollar question, can the Rockies pull it off? Yes, they have won 21 of their last 22 games. No other team in baseball is as hot as them right now. And the kicker is they have youthful talent and chemistry that is so vital in the postseason.

Nishan Wilde is VP of Sales at, an online resource for anything from Basketball Uniforms to Punching Bags to the Seiko S149 Stopwatch.

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Baseball Packaged Sport Kit (New 6"x 8"Size)

Precision-cut from white vinyl

Motivating young baseball players is always a challenge for the youth baseball coach. Many times coaches get wrapped up in the game and forget why they are coaching and don't remember to keep players motivated!

Coaches will get negative because a player made a mistake. Instead of You should talk to the player about what he did right followed by what ever error he made mental or physical and then follow up with a positive comment to close it out...commonly referred to as the sandwich technique!

Here is something else coaches need to be aware of when it comes to their relationship with their players.Coaches need to be prepared at practice get your stuff done with the players and then on game day kick back call the shots and then let the players have fun and play the game. If players are making mental mistakes then it is back to practice the next day and its the coaches turn to get it going. Game day should be for the players.

It goes without saying that coaches need to know their players different personalities and motivate accordingly. Some players need to be pushed harder,they need you to be in their face from time to time, others don't need much at all to keep them motivated, while some need just encouragement to get the most out of them.

I would say the number 1 issue with coaching youth baseball and motivating players is how they are treated by their coaches as far as the rules go for the team. I Can't tell you how many times I have seen players miss practice and no consequences for that player. That sends the wrong message to the rest of the team. I know this sounds too obvious but if that is true why is it so prevalent in youth sports. This brings down a teams morale more than anything.

Now instead of players focusing on the game their more concerned about the fact that a certain player is getting special treatment. In other words be fair and consistent whether it is your super athlete or your average player.

In conclusion when it comes to coaching youth baseball and motivation think about what you are doing in regards to your players and how that is going to equate on the field. let's put our best into the game and if we get beat lets get beat with every one playing at their full potential and nothing less, that is not a failure but rather a winning effort!

for information contact me!

Stephen K Reynolds is publisher of the LSR Unlimited "Free" newsletter which focuses on helping newcomers & seasoned pros learn the secrets to marketing in the ever changing world of the internet! He is also a youth sports coach in Western Montana. For more information on this e-mail


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Quiet Ambassador: Pee Wee Reese Story

Easton has been on the forefront of many advances in sporting good technology. It is a company that was started in the 1930's by Doug Easton initially because of his ambition to crafting better quality arrows made of aluminum that would improve traditional archery. Easton has evolved into a leader in making sporting goods because of their advances in the use of aluminum and that has carried into many sports such as baseball, softball, hockey and biking over the last 5 decades, all while standing behind the quality of what they sell in the market.

Years later, Easton dove into creating baseball bats and was recognized for their innovative aluminum baseball bats, a design that was introduced in the early 1970's. They have been the first to improve on new technologies every step of the way throughout the whole aluminum baseball bat evolution. Easton baseball bat makers have lead the way in developing baseball bats out of new lighter weight and more durable metals such as scandium and titanium for enhanced performance as well as using composite metals that are state-of-the-art as of now. Easton also played a role in introducing multi-wall technology which adds to the size and responsiveness of the 'sweet spot' on the barrel. Easton now produces a triple-wall bat known as the 'tri-shell' design and is the only bat producing company to do so. They were the first to create a two-part baseball bat when they started producing their 'Connexion' series, which gives flexibility to the bat for enhanced power. Easton baseball bats are setting trends for other bat making companies today.

Easton now supplies many models of aluminum baseball bats to guarantee that there is a bat out there for every ballplayer. They make youth, high-school, and collegiate certified baseball bats as well as an adult line. Easton baseball bat reviews are always more than satisfactory and the improvements on their products are made to improve your game.

Joe Rodgers is a batting instructor that emphasizes stationary drills to develop the correct mechanics to be a successful batter and offers a website outlining baseball swing mechanics.

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Tea Tree Oil Liquid Foot Powder

A natural herbal conditioning treatment specially formulated to smooth on as a liquid and then instantly dry to a soft, silky powder. Enriched with the antiseptic, deodorizing, and healing properties of Australian Tea Tree Oil, refreshing Baking Soda, and cooling Balm Mint to KEEP FEET DRY, FRESH, AND COMFORTABLE all day long. Repeated use will also soften and condition the rough, dry patches on soles and feet.

If you take a browse through some of the youth baseball bat web sites you will see youth baseball bats for sale at prices of over 300 dollars. They will also give you instructions on how to take care of the bat so it will last at least a year. I have 2 sons who play youth travel baseball and little league baseball. I have felt guilty before that my sons didn't have the latest techno bat out there. But as a coach and a student of the game, I have come to firmly believe that it is so much more the hitter, than the bat. Having a 300-dollar bat will not take the place of going to lessons, buying a hitting video, and using it of course, or just plain hard work.

You can learn how to hit a baseball well even if you are not blessed with the natural born talent of hitting. It is matter of work. I have seen time and time again, some kid with an old cu-31 alloy bat out hit kids with the 300-dollar unit. If you and your child are serious about hitting, do yourself a favor and go get some professional instruction. These lessons are for the parents just as much. I have learned so much from picking the brains of my kids hitting instructors. I also have learned to trust them in sizing youth baseball bats for my kids.

They tell me to have them hold the bat near the handle with their weaker arm and raise the bat up to shoulder height. When they can lift the bat up to that height with no problem, that is a correct weight for them. I had much to learn about teaching how to hit a baseball. There where old ideas that that had to go such as elbow up, and take a big stride. I had to learn its hands first, then hips. Baseball coaches have access to some great youth baseball, and little league coaching tools, if they know where to look on the Internet.

There is a free 7-part youth baseball coaching e-course that covers some overlooked topics such as travel baseball, and how to deal with parents, as well as running a good youth baseball practice. It also covers positive mindset for players as well as coaches. Sign up for it at

I know you will get something good out of it.

Thanks, Chip Lemin
440 465 3337
Cleveland, Ohio

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Boston Red Sox (2007 World Series Champions, Group) Sports Poster Print - 24" X 36"

This poster shows the Boston Red Sox in celebration after winning the World Series in 2007. At the top it shows the trophy, the Red Sox logo, and Mike Lowell holding up the MVP trophy. In the middle it says "2007 World Series Champions". At the bottom it shows the scores for the four games of their World Series sweep. This poster measures approx. 24" x 36" The Boston Red Sox are a professional Major League Baseball team based in Boston, Massachusetts. They are also known as The BoSox (a blend of Boston and Sox). They are often familiarly referred to by newspapers and fans as simply The Sox. A charter member of the American League East Division, their home field is Fenway Park, which opened on April 20, 1912, and is the oldest major league ballpark still in operation.

Why do we pay money to sites? Simple.. We are very competitive and want to win in any fantasy league we are in. Besides it seems like the deeper one gets into fantasy football, or any other fantasy league, there is money at the end, and we all like money, right? I have been in several fantasy football leagues and have found certain things.

#1- enter as many free mock drafts as you can, drafting in different spots. This may sound silly but the more mock drafts you're in the better you will feel when the real one starts.

#2 Paid sites are nice but I have found several free ones that work just as well. Knowledge of the sport your are in will always help as well.

#3 My money site gave me a great draft, but then advised me to get rid of several players who were hot at the time(thinking they would cool off and I could get value for them at the time). Guess what, they stayed hot all year.This was not good for me.

Funny though, my first 2 years into fantasy football gave me 2 SuperBowl wins. There not real SuperBowls of course but to me they are. The next several years I bounced from last to fourth, using paid sites. I have found myself confused whether to use the free sites or the paid sites. After all, I was paying out money to these experts to win me a championship, or as I like to say, a SuperBowl. So after 6 years now I have finally got it all together.

Ron J Price writes on similar related issues. You can learn by visiting my blog
Fantasy football Views

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Rawlings ROLB1X Official League Baseball (DZN)

  ROLB1 with minor cosmetic imperfections   Cork and rubber pill   Raised seams   Full grain leather cover (blem)

Well the big news of the weekend in baseball is that the Mets came to agreement on a long-term contract with star lefthander Johan Santana, thus finalizing their deal with the Minnesota Twins.

Santana and the Mets inked a $137.5 million, six-year contract on Friday evening followed by Santana's passing his physical on Saturday, completing the four for one deal which sent the Twins four top prospects.

AP Baseball Writer Mike Fitzpatrick managed to obtain, in broad terms, an early analysis of the dollars-side of the deal for Yahoo sports;

Terms of the agreement were disclosed by a baseball official with knowledge of the talks who spoke on condition of anonymity because no announcement had been made. The deal includes deferred money and a club option for 2014 with a $5.5 million buyout that could make the contract worth about $150 million over seven seasons. Depending on Santana's performance, the option could become guaranteed.

On Saturday,'s Charlie Noble reported a more comprehensive look at the dollars year-by-year on a deal which could mushroom, according to New York Times' Ben Shpigel, to as much as $157 million if Santana meets the criteria for a "player's option" to vest.

Santana sports a career record spanning over 8 seasons of 93-44, including a 20-6 mark in 2004 and a 19-6 record in 2006, with a lifetime ERA of 3.22 having never walked more than 54 hitters in a season while averaging over 200 innings and striking out over 230 hitters in each of his last 4 seasons. In 2007, having had a somewhat off-year, his homer count jumped to 33 vs 22-24 in the previous 3 seasons and his ERA leaped to 3.33 from the mid-2.70s -2.80s in the previous seasons.

I find both fascinating, and hopeful for the Phillies, the reactions of former Met Tom Glavine, now with the Atlanta Braves, as well as others regarding the deal.'s Marty Noble reports Glavine's take on the deal;

"Obviously, this is a huge lift for them," Glavine said. "The guy is arguably the best pitcher in the game right now. They have every reason to be excited about that and optimistic about their season, but so do we. I think we addressed our needs really well, and I think we all feel good about our chances.

"When Randy Johnson went to the Yankees ... everybody was ready to hand them the World Series trophy, and it never happened. That's why you play the games. You just don't know what's going to happen."

APs' Fitzpatrick reported these comments;

"He's good but he's not unbeatable. He got hit around last year," said pitcher Tim Hudson of the Atlanta Braves, one of the Mets' chief rivals in the NL East along with Philadelphia. "We've just got to be concerned about ourselves. We can't be consumed by what anyone else does."

Finally, ESPN's Jayson Stark provides the enlightening take of one unnamed GM on the deal and on the Mets in general;

We polled 12 front-office types this week on whether they thought the Phillies or post-Johan Mets would win the NL East. Ten of them took the Mets. But one who didn't, an NL executive, was adamant that the Phillies have an energy and a personality the Mets lack.

"I'm talking about the way guys like (Jimmy) Rollins and (Chase) Utley and (Shane) Victorino play," he said. "Guys like that find ways to grind out wins. The Mets don't have those kinds of guys. Both those teams had a lot of guys who got hurt last year. But after the Mets got hurt, they didn't play the same way. Chase Utley got hurt and the Phillies kept on coming. To me, that's because that 'gamer quotient' was still there."

Further, it must be remembered that the Mets, as exemplified by shortstop Jose Reyes, gave up on ground balls by not running them out.

Offensively, they didn't have what it took down the stretch. And once one gets past Santana and John Maine, the rest of the rotation is one huge and aging question-mark. I'll stick by my Santana, Maine, three days of rain analogy and assert that the Mets will be looking up at the Phillies in 2008 rather than over their shoulders even with Santana's acquisition.

I would feel even better about the Phillies if they acquired an innings-eating, mid-3s ERA 4th starter behind Hamels, Myers and Kendrick as well as a capable middle reliever.

Mark Burt has been a lifelong baseball fan, particularly of the Philadelphia Phillies. Shortly before the 2006 season, Mark decided to start a baseball blog -- which is now entering it's 3rd year online.

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

2007 Upper Deck First Edition Baseball Trading Cards

36 Packs with 10 Packs Per Box. Collect All 300-Cards of 2007's First Upper Deck Set! Look For Unique Insert Cards, Falling One Per Pack, on average! Find rare 1 of 1 Printing Plates! Pull Tomorrows Superstars with First Pitch Foundation Cards! The first RCs of 2007.
This item cannot be shipped to P.O. Boxes or APO or FPO addresses.
*Framing and custom items can require additional handling time. Please call for details.

The good thing about wagering on sports this time of year is that with a plethora of activity, you may fine a soft line here or there if you probe hard enough. Two teams who are beginning to get healthy and make some noise are the Philadelphia Phillies and the Los Angeles Dodgers.The Philadelphia Phillies seek to push their winning streak to 10 games for the first time in nearly 15 years when they wrap up a three-game series against resurgent Tom Glavine and the New York Mets at Citizens Bank Park on Wednesday.

With a 5-4 win in the middle game of the series on Tuesday, Philadelphia (18-14) has won nine in a row for the first time since a 13-game streak from July 30-Aug. 12, 1991.

The streak also has allowed the Phillies to move within two games of the Mets, who sit atop the NL East and are trying to avoid their first three-game losing streak of 2006.

The City of Brotherly Love is beginning to embrace the Phils as both the 76ers and Flyers have been banished from their respective sports and the players are brimming with confidence. Having won 9 in a row and facing a pitcher (Glavine), you would think the Phils would be rock solid favorites, but the morning line has the game a pick-em!

The leftys last two outing have been superb however and there should be some Mets money to keep the odds attractive if you are a Cory Liddle fan. The right-hander will try to put together consecutive wins for the first time this season. Against Atlanta on Friday, he gave up three runs and five hits with a season-high three walks over six innings in a 6-3 victory that lifted the Phillies to .500 for the first time this year.

He's had success against his former team, going 4-1 with a 2.15 ERA in five outings, striking out 26 and walking just five. Glavine (4-2, 1.94) will make the start for New York looking for his 280th career win, but also looking to beat the Phillies for the first time in 10 starts.

Since last defeating Philadelphia on Sept. 19, 2002, Glavine is 0-7 with a 5.82 ERA and opponents have hit .298 against him. He has dropped his last five starts versus them, allowing 24 runs and 35 hits in 29 innings. Overall, Glavine is 24-16 with a 3.77 ERA in his career against Philadelphia.

At 40, Glavine is pitching recently like the two-time Cy Young Award winner he is. In wins April 29 over Atlanta and Thursday against Pittsburgh, the left-hander has given up just seven hits with 11 strikeouts and just three walks in 14 innings.

Take the Phillies to extend their streak!

In the other game you have two teams passing each other in the express elevator. The Dodgers are on their way to the penthouse, while Houston is freefalling to the outhouse. LA winner of 4 in a row is beginning to get production from their big name players Garciaparra, Drew and as always Jeff Kent.

On the other hand you have Astros slugger Lance Berkman in a terrible funk hitless in five at-bats and is 4-for-20 with no RBIs on the road trip. Only 14 of his 36 RBIs have come on the road. Tonight momentum is in the Dodgers favorite.

Brett Tomko (3-1, 3.41 ERA) has been outstanding in his last three outings for Los Angeles, going 2-0 with a 1.35 ERA in that stretch. He did not win his last outing despite allowing five hits over seven scoreless innings in a 3-0 loss to San Diego on Thursday.

"I tweaked a couple of things in the bullpen this week, and it worked. I felt more comfortable with my off-speed stuff," Tomko said. "It would have been a lot nicer if we would have come out with the win." The veteran right-hander is 4-5 with a 4.90 ERA in 13 career starts against Houston.

Impressive Houston rookie Taylor Buchholz (2-1, 2.16) will oppose Tomko in his fifth career start. Buchholz is 2-0 with a 1.93 ERA since joining the rotation on April 17.

The right-hander failed to record a decision his last time out after allowing three runs and six hits over seven innings in a 5-4 loss at Colorado last Friday.You have to grab LA at -110!

Sports Betting - Online Casino

Bob Acton is an experienced sports writer and handicapper, who has written for the sports industry for over 10 years. His years of writing for Sports Scene, sports consulting on 33 Made for Television and Major Motion Pictures and his work as an instructor at Pro Teach Baseball Academy, have made Bob a trusted and respected source in the sports world.

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Hit-A-Way® Baseball Swing Trainer (EA)

Hit-A-Way Baseball Jeter Series.   Endorsed by All-Star Derek Jeter! A player can use Hit-A-Way to warm-up or practice most anywhere, even in limited space. Simulates pitches without chasing balls. Develops hand eye coordination and is the perfect tool when learning to switch hit. New materials in cord produce better timing to develop stance and swing mechanics. Hit-A-Way is very easy to carry, weighing less than two pounds. Can be stored in bat bags, back packs or carry- alls. "The hottest new batting aid on the market today." Amazing results in ball players of all ages. New sleeve design improves visibility as well as contact feel and sound. (Post not included).   
Customer Review: Great tool
I bought this item elsewhere, but after reading the reviews here, I felt I needed to add my thoughts. This is a great tool, but it will not teach everything a person needs to be a good hitter. I have used it, and still do, with a 5 year old, and an 8 year old. Both children have used it for the past year. It is true, the timing is different from a real pitch, but this device does help teach "timing". It also is a superior method of teaching hand to eye coordination involving a baseball bat. I can totally understand every negative review posted here as we went through the same problems. Once they got the hang of the timing, and counting the "unwraps", even my youngest son can keep it going. It is also interesting to let the batter see the diffence in bats. The usefulness of this device is similar to the soft toss drills; it builds hand eye coordination while helping build a basic swing. It should also be coupled with lots of real balls thrown. I have seen the effectiveness of this device, and I would buy it again (and the pole). All this being said, it is not something that everyone will be able to keep going without some practice.
Customer Review: this item is not for every young player
my son saw this product on tv and i bought it for him-thinking this is just another gimmick item and will never work. well from the very beginning her took to this thing. he is 11 yrs now and was about 8.5 when he started using it. he is on his third hitaway now-i replace it each year. first of all you need a place that the child can access it. for instance we have ours fixed to an old gas lamp pole right on our front lawn. so when the weather got a little warmer say late march, my son would come home after school and before coming into the front door he would grab the bat that was always waiting next to the hit away pole and hit this thing for between 5 and 15 minutes. then he would come into the house. so after doing this day after day-just a few minutes each day he got pretty good at it. i noticed considerable increase in bat speed. another very important thing is for the father to provide reinforcement and encouragement while he is hacking away at this thing. it is not easy. one gets tired pretty quickly. but like i said with short daily repetitions-this product really pays off. one thing i do recommend-in addition to daily diligence-is to have your son take atleast one batting lesson-you need to be there at the lesson as a father of a young baseball player to remember and reteach the lesson. your son absolutely needs to practice daily the baseball hitting technique learned in his lesson-combine this with repetitions on the hitaway- is a recipe for baseball hitting success. i can assure you my son has one of the best swings(if not the best in his age group) in this town of chaham nj-because he hit this hitaway aid thousands of times- it gives strength and bat speed - at the very least. i could go on but the difference between success and failure with this product is not the products fault. it is a very simple product but like everything else it takes practice and perseverence. again i must say that it should be placed in a very highly visible and accessible location. if the hitaway people need any proof that their product can produce a successful hitter-all they have to do is speak to my son. in my title i say that this product is not for every young player. this statement is made because i see how other young boys react to this product. most of them give up and get frustrated-not my son and maybe not yours-but he will need feedback and encouragement from the person in charge.

Coaching Youth Baseball is a great experience for men and women to be involved in. One of the awesome things about being involved in it is the opportunity to be around young people and motivate them to be their best.

There are tons of books and materials on youth baseball so i wont try to re-invent the wheel here.
I just want to hit on some things that need to mentioned. Keep it simple!! The majority of reasons why teams aren't as good as they could be is because they don't do the simple things!

Coaches want to be smart and try to employ strategies that are just to sophisticated for young players especially for 9-10 year olds. Stick to the basics ground ball practice, fly balls, throwing fundamentals, basis pitching mechanics.

Incorporate games into the drills that way kids can see the result of why they need to use a technique correctly. Keep it light and fun that way your players keep coming back for more.

Remember long after the games are over the players will remember how they were treated, not what the score was!! Here is one for you Dads... Your Son or daughter will never be as good as you Thought you were!

Another important key is using stations, less standing around. lets face it there is never enough time as it is. The secret is to make good use of your time while you have your players.

Bottom line have fun with this great game and enjoy your time with the players it goes by very quickly!!

Stephen K Reynolds is publisher of the LSR Unlimted "Free" newsletter which focuses on helping newcomers and seasoned pros learn the secrets to marketing in the ever changing world of the internet! For more information on this e-mail



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Diamond DOL-1 Official League NFHS Baseball (One Dozen)

The Ball of Choice! Consistend performance from the first inning to the last, durability to help the budget and the perfect raised seam. Just a few of the reasons Diamond remains The Ball of Choice for top notch conferences, leagues and organizations around the world. Don't settle for inferior imitations; experience the Diamond difference.
Customer Review: Easily the best baseball for the money!
This baseball is easily one of the best bargains you will find for 3 BIG reasons: 1. It's NFHS approved - this means it is official and does not contain second-rate materials for the interior. 2. Because the center is made of quality materials, it hits off the bat in a consistent fashion--consistent to what you will find in an official league game where all baseballs must be NFHS approved. Cheaper practice baseballs tend to bounce off the bat more, which does not simulate the real thing. 3. Leather exterior makes it durable. This baseball outlives the cheap ones. My players prefer Diamond baseballs. While Wilson is the premier, Diamond offers a cheaper alternative ($25 less per dozen than Wilson) with virtually all of the same benefits. All in all, the Diamond NFHS baseball is 40 cents more per baseball than a practice ball. It worth spending $5 more for this particular baseball. I've tried almost every baseball on the market and this is the best deal you're going to find for an official NFHS baseball.
Customer Review: baseball review
I believe that Diamond makes one of the higest quality baseballs for competition. I am a coach and have used several other brands that have not stood up. I have been very picky with the baseball equipment that I have purchased and Diamond baseballs have always been a quality product.

It still feels like Alex Rodriguez is the unexpected guest on the New York Yankees. High-priced and controversial, has he finally put in enough Pinstripe time to have it be his Yankees?

Derek Jeter is the captain of the New York Yankees. Alex Rodriguez is his mate at third base, knocking in runs and hitting home runs for the Yankees at a record pace. Still, there is a wall between Alex Rodriguez and the fans. He is not appreciated, nor is he accepted as a real New York Yankee.

Alex Rodriguez, though, for on-field production, has been The Man for the Yankees since his inception on the Bronx Bombers. From that standpoint, he is the most important player on the New York Yankees, but he will never be its heart. The heart and soul of the New York Yankees will be Derek Jeter, as long as Jeter is a member of the team.

Alex Rodriguez can make inroads by playing like the regular-season A-Rod in the post-season. It could become Alex Rodriguez' team, if he could, like Reggie Jackson before him, ignite World Series fire. It was Thurman Munson's team, Yankee fans will recall, until Reggie tore through the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series. Now, looking back, the highlights and stories all portray it as Reggie Jackson leading the New York Yankees to World Series glory.

Call him Alex Rodriguez, or call him A-Rod. Yankee fans want to love, but that love is granted at the toll where championship dues are paid.

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8 Seconds

The title refers to the time required by all rodeo cowboys to stay on a bull if they want a judge's score. For them, such a short time can seem like an eternity. The same is true of the beginning of this true story, a country tale of Lane Frost, a real-life, crowd-pleasing bullrider who rose to rodeo fame in the late '80s. The characters seem so irrepressibly good, so unreal, that the film comes out of the chute without a buck or much of a purpose. But Frost's story, and that of his relationship with his wife, Kellie (Cynthia Geary), eventually gains momentum. Luke Perry is an underrated actor, and he balances an "aw-shucks-ness" with an internal spark that makes that salt-of-the-earth stuff not so salty. When the film is finally over and the end credits show home movies and stills of the real-life Frost, you'll wish the ride was just a little longer. --Keith Simanton
Customer Review: Great movie=one you won't want to miss!
This movie is great. Some of the details are inaccurate to the real life story of Lane Frost. I don't know how many times I've seen this movie-probably more than 10.
Customer Review: Lane Frost Rides Again....
Luke Perry is excellent in this Bio-Pic of Rodeo great, Lane Frost. This is a great film. Stephen Baldwin is a laugh riot as Bull Riding Champion, "Tuff" Heddamen. This is a really well put together film. I really liked it. Nobody can deliver a "feel good" movie like John G. Avildsen (Karate Kid, Rocky)....and this is no exception. You really get a sense of who Lane Frost was, and what the "Rodeo Life" is really like. It will make you laugh, it will make you mad, and it will make you cry. This is a great film that is definetely worth the price of admission. So, saddle up and get ready for a great ride !!! 4 Stars.

Baseball caps serve many functions. They aren't just seen on the field but on the streets, in the stands and almost anyone you look. Baseball caps have an interesting history, the first ones were worn by the New York Knickerbockers and they were made of straw.

There have been many styles of baseball caps throughout the years, ten different styles were advertised in 1888 in Spaulding's Base Ball Guide. You could buy a baseball cap for 12 cents to $2.

Now baseball caps are available in numerous styles and colors. You can get a baseball cap that represents your favorite team. Baseball caps are sold at all the professional games and in sporting good and specialty stores around the world.

Baseball caps are worn by people of all walks of life and income levels. You see baseball caps not only at the games but at restaurants, parties, on the beach and in airports.

People sometimes wear baseball caps to make a statement about which team they support. The lucky ones have had their baseball caps signed by a favorite player. These baseball caps are treasured by their owners.

Baseball caps are comfortable to wear and adjustable. They are often made of fabric that "breathes" making them a cool choice even on a hot day. Baseball caps keep the sun out of your face and even deflect raindrops.

There is no age limit to the wearing of a baseball cap. From the smallest of children to the oldest fan, there is a baseball cap made to suit nearly everyone.

Whether you are a faithful attendee of the pro baseball games or just someone who likes to wear baseball caps, check out all the baseball caps and find one or two or three.... that is calling your name.

Ken Austin
Baseball Gear and Equipment

Sports Resource Guide

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Baseball Jersey Raglan 3/4 sleeve by Augusta Sportswear (Style# 420)

Baseball Jersey with 3/4 sleeve by Augusta Sportswear. 50% polyester/50% cotton, White or athletic heather body, Contrasting 3/4-length raglan sleeves, Scooped shirt tail, Available in White or Athletic Heather body. Perfect for Softball and Baseball, Available in Adult & Youth sizes
Customer Review: Thin shirts
material is thin, I probably wouldn't have bought this item in person.
Customer Review: Thin material and no hem.
While this t-shirt looks good in the picture, it's actually pretty poor quality once you get it in hand. The material is very thin and the bottom of the shirt is not hemmed, which means it has a tendancy to roll up. The price is right, however, but you definitely get what you pay for.

Getting adults to understand the importance of a clear perspective on winning and losing is very difficult let alone do the same with little league baseball players. Here I will show why it is important that adults need to show the way for young athletes to understand the objective in sports.

Let's get right into it shall we. Too often i hear especially at the major boys level (11-12 year olds) it all about winning! Well that's great, I like winning as much as anyone and i get very competitive. However I am an adult and and the coach who needs to keep the players with a great understanding of competition.

The Great and not late John Wooden says you are only a failure if you have not given a complete effort at all times whether on the field of court. What do I mean? if you are get beat by another team or individual it's OK as long as you gave your best. It happens, you tip your hat and move on. Sure we're disappointed in the outcome but not in our effort. After the games are gone what are the players going to take with them about sports and competition?

We are not talking about pro sports here yet that same axiom should and does apply with them most of the time. My point is this you can win a game and not be happy with your players effort and they need to hear about it.

Just last week I watched the team my son is on and that I help with win a game 3-1 against a young team that we should have defeated 8-1 or more. To the other teams credit they played us hard and were right there at the end. Our team made base running blunders that took us out of innings and eliminated additional scoring opportunities.

We had players giving up on plays when they should have been going all out and making the other team beat us with their best instead we gave them easy outs. here is the main point I'm driving here is to make the other team beat you, don't hand it to them. That is not acceptable. I mentioned something to them at practice last night and the best player on the team said well we won anyway! Wrong answer!!

We play one of the better teams in our league and that 3 runs wouldn't have been enough and we left 3-4 runs out there on the field with a lousy effort.

Players need to understand to play aggressive baseball at all times and know that that is what competition is all about. My best against your best!

Remember coaches you are a teacher and these values go way past playing baseball. Teach them the right way to play the game and have fun with it.

Stephen K Reynolds is publisher of the LSR Unlimted "Free" newsletter which focuses on helping newcomers & seasoned pros learn the secrets to marketing in the ever changing world of the internet! Working from home on the internet allows him the time to coach little league baseball in western Montana. For more information on this e-mail


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Big Slugger Baseball Bats 12 Pack

Do you know why you teach what you teach to your hitters? If I stopped you right now and asked you to tell me a couple advantages of any part of what you're teaching, could you do it? If not, it's time to kick into gear your learning habit and pick up some instructional strategies.

I've picked a couple parts of the baseball swing mechanics I hear taught repeatedly that are incorrect. Don't worry, I'll follow my own advise and explain why. Don't just take my word for it, however, ask around. Get other perspectives. But most of all, build your baseball swing knowledge base. Baseball instruction is a funny thing. You can find information and hitting "experts" everywhere. However, please for your own sake make sure that you are qualifying your sources of information first before you accept it. If you don't, you'll end up spending a lot of money, and changing your philosophy often.

Two Mechanical Fallacies:

1. Keeping your back elbow up is NECESSARY for a proper baseball swing.

I hear this advice mostly in Little League or in some of the younger age leagues. There is no physical advantage or benefit for a hitter to keep his back elbow up (often sometime much above the back shoulder). I'm not quite sure where the idea originated, but I do know it spreads like wildfire. It's like the cure all for a poor baseball swing. When it doubt, it must be the back elbow! And you can be sure you'll sometimes hear from the dugout or the stands, "Keep your back elbow up, Johnny!"

Keeping the back elbow up for younger hitters is often a source of a slow and long swing. When the bat head travels into the zone, the elbow of the top arm on the bat is down and relaxed close to the hitters body (if done correctly). Because of that, it makes little sense for a younger hitter to move his back elbow from a stiff position in the stance to a relax and collapsed position in mid-swing. Extra parts moving during a baseball swing mean less consistency. As a hitter gets older, his preference may be of a back elbow that is raised some. At this point (assuming he understands swing mechanics) he can make the adjustments as necessary.

2. Rolling your wrists as your bat comes through the zone is a must to create bat speed.

I have to bite my tongue (quite hard actually) when I ever hear this advice being offered for baseball instruction. While the back elbow up philosophy can be dismissed somewhat as a youth baseball strategy that does relatively minimal damage, this wrists rolling business can not be ignored in order to create a fundamentally sound baseball swing.

What "Wrist Rollers" can't do:

A. Hit an inside fastball to the pull side (right field as a lefty and left field as a righty).

B. Hit an outside fastball with any consistency to the opposite field (left field as a lefty and right field as a righty).

C. Hit line drives with back spin consistently (you know the kind that get over an outfielders head in a hurry for a double).

Here is why I can make those statements so confidently. In order to roll the wrists through a baseball swing, your arms must be straight at the elbows on contact with the baseball to do so. Youth hitters can get away with this because the velocity of the pitch is not overpowering yet. Add another 10-15 mph to the pitch and those inside pitches cannot be hit (or if they do, it stings) because the bat will be slow to sweep into the hitting zone. Outside pitches will also be difficult because the barrel of the bat will only cover the outer portion of the plate a fraction of the time necessary.

So what to do?

Teach your athletes when hitting a baseball to have their palm facing up on their top hand as they come in contact with the baseball. As the hands stay close to the body through the swing, the hitter will extend his arms after contact is made with the pitch. This proper extension is extremely important for good bat speed and plate coverage.

Nate Barnett is owner of BMI Baseball and is based out of Washington State. His expertise is in the area of hitting, pitching, and mental training. Coach Barnett's passion is working with youth in helping expand their vision for their baseball future. After finishing a professional career in the Seattle Mariners Organization, Nate pursued his coaching and motivational training career. His website, launched last year, contains information and videos on various baseball drills and mechanics as well as an instructional blog designed to aid in the development of well rounded baseball players. His new FREE ebook, Toxic Baseball: Are you polluting your game? can be found on the main BMI Baseball website

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Minnesota Twins Mouse Pad - BASEBALL Sports Merchandise

This colorful mouse pad will brighten up your desk and show your team spirit! The mouse pad has a rubber base so it stays in place, and has a neoprene top for easy mouse movement. Approximately 9"x8 1/4" in size. Made by Hunter.

Easton has been on the forefront of many advances in sporting good technology. It is a company that was started in the 1930's by Doug Easton initially because of his ambition to crafting better quality arrows made of aluminum that would improve traditional archery. Easton has evolved into a leader in making sporting goods because of their advances in the use of aluminum and that has carried into many sports such as baseball, softball, hockey and biking over the last 5 decades, all while standing behind the quality of what they sell in the market.

Years later, Easton dove into creating baseball bats and was recognized for their innovative aluminum baseball bats, a design that was introduced in the early 1970's. They have been the first to improve on new technologies every step of the way throughout the whole aluminum baseball bat evolution. Easton baseball bat makers have lead the way in developing baseball bats out of new lighter weight and more durable metals such as scandium and titanium for enhanced performance as well as using composite metals that are state-of-the-art as of now. Easton also played a role in introducing multi-wall technology which adds to the size and responsiveness of the 'sweet spot' on the barrel. Easton now produces a triple-wall bat known as the 'tri-shell' design and is the only bat producing company to do so. They were the first to create a two-part baseball bat when they started producing their 'Connexion' series, which gives flexibility to the bat for enhanced power. Easton baseball bats are setting trends for other bat making companies today.

Easton now supplies many models of aluminum baseball bats to guarantee that there is a bat out there for every ballplayer. They make youth, high-school, and collegiate certified baseball bats as well as an adult line. Easton baseball bat reviews are always more than satisfactory and the improvements on their products are made to improve your game.

Joe Rodgers is a batting instructor that emphasizes stationary drills to develop the correct mechanics to be a successful batter and offers a website outlining baseball swing mechanics.

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Major League Baseball 2K8

It's 2008 and it's time to hit home runs as 2KG Major League Baseball 2K8 brings you your best season ever. Thrilling features have been added to make this season more exciting. Are you out or in? Joe Morgan is announcing 2K8! Play ball!
Team play is more expansive as there are 90 minor-league teams added to the game, including authentic uniforms, many authentic minor-league stadiums, and a few generic ones as well. 2K8 also features a new baseball-card system, in which you can earn players' cards by completing certain tasks. You can then sell duplicate cards for credits to buy new card packs, which consist of 10 cards and may include a stadium or special team. But by far the coolest part of the card system is the online card battles. When you have enough player cards to fulfill the requirements of a full team, you can then combine your cards to create a team and take head-to-head against other gamers' card teams online. An entirely new and unique pitching interface which is unlike anything that's been done before. The main input comes from the right analog stick. The execution involves matching a gesture to throw the desired pitch. This enables a lot more granularity from the input than a digital face-button approach.
Revolutionizing your control of the 5 tools in baseball are brand new pitching, fielding and base running controls and completely overhauled batting interface. Featuring a totally unique trading card mode, robust Minor League system, all-new Signature Style animations for 2008, and more! 90 Minor League teams available in both Franchise and Exhibition modes Over 1 MILLION online gamers in the 2K community for head-to-head games
Customer Review: this game sucks period!
The one thing I hate about this game is the pitching, every time you pitch the other team scores a run,I even dropped the AL computer ratings but it still gives the advantage to the computer. Do us a favor 2k sports if you make a game next year please bring back the classic pitching mode from 2k7.
Customer Review: Reminds me of the late 90's bug filled Baseball games
Fun to play when the game does not freeze up. Too many glitches in Franchise mode to count. Cut scenes are horrible. IMPOSSIBLE TO DRAW A WALK even with the sliders turned completely to the left for AI pitching accuracy. I was very dissapointed considereing this is the 360 and we are now in the year 2008. MVP Baseball 2005 is far supperior to this. This is what happens when there is a monopoly. The game makers get lazy. One other thing, just like 2k07 the farther you get in franchise years the more bugs...

Here is some fantasy football information that the fantasy football books and magazines will likely disagree with. If youre a quality fantasy football competitor, though, you know you have to rely on many sources to get your fantasy football information. Bank on this: Randy Moss will not experience the wild success that Terrell Owens had, when the latter changed teams last season. In fact, look for a drop-off in Moss numbers this coming fantasy football season.

Now, dont get me wrong. Moss has been truly marvelous in his career, and I believe he is one of the best wide outs in the National Football League, even if he often likes to run his mouth more than his pass routes. If healthy, hes probably good for 85 catches and 10 touchdowns. These are good numbers; they are not typical Randy Moss numbers. Fantasy football owners have come to expect far more from Moss, and many will believe that the change of teams will not hurt his fantasy football production. Some will even believe his numbers will increase. Dont get caught in this fantasy football information myth.

Here are a few reasons that Moss wont enjoy the same success Owens had in either the National Football League or in your fantasy football league. First, and foremost, Moss is leaving a star quarterback and going to a team with an average quarterback. Its hard to ignore the fact that Culpepper will no longer be the one tossing the football in Moss direction. Instead, hell likely have Kerry Collins, a journeyman with a sketchy football resume. Second, although Moss will move next to a more experienced receiver in Jerry Porter, hes leaving better receivers in Nate Burleson and Marcus Robinson. Finally, The Vikings better offensive line provides more time for deep quarterback drops, which enabled Moss to run the deep routes he made a living on. He wont have this luxury in Oakland, and it will show up in his fantasy football stats.

So, while all of the other fantasy football books and magazines and so-called experts are pushing Moss for a high first-round pick, bank on the safest fantasy football information available the information that says Moss is a risky pick. There will be much better players at the 1 through 10 spots, where Moss will go in most leagues. Get one of them, and youll go far, while one of your opponents will whine all year, watching Moss talk more and score less.

Check out more great information now at Expert Commentary

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We Would Have Played for Nothing: Baseball Stars of the 1950s and 1960s Talk About the Game They Loved (Baseball Oral History Poject)

Former Major League Baseball commissioner Fay Vincent brings together a stellar roster of ballplayers from the 1950s and 1960s in this wonderful new history of the game. These were the decades when baseball expanded across the country and truly became the national pastime. The era opened, though, with the domination of the New York teams: the Yankees, Dodgers, or Giants were in every World Series of the 1950s -- but by the end of the decade the two National League teams had moved to California.

Representing those great teams in this volume are Whitey Ford, Ralph Branca, Carl Erskine, Duke Snider, and Bill Rigney. They recall the great 1951 Dodgers-Giants playoff that ended with Bobby Thomson's famous home run (served up by Branca). They remember the mighty Yankees, defeated at last in 1955 by the Dodgers, only to recover the World Series crown from their Brooklyn rivals a year later. They talk about their most feared opponents and most valued teammates, from Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle to Jackie Robinson and Roy Campanella to Willie Mays.

But there were great teams and great ballplayers elsewhere in the 1950s and 1960s. Hall of Fame pitcher Robin Roberts recalls the famous Whiz Kids Phillies of 1950 and his epic duels with Don Newcombe and other leading National League pitchers. Lew Burdette remembers his years as one-half of the dominating pitching duo (with Warren Spahn) that propelled the Braves to the World Series in 1957 and 1958.

Harmon Killebrew recalls belting home runs for the hapless Washington Senators, then discovering a new world of enthusiastic fans in Minnesota when the Senators joined the westward migration and became the Twins. Brooks Robinson, on the other hand, played his entire twenty-three-year career for the Baltimore Orioles, never moving anywhere except all around third base, where he earned a record sixteen consecutive Gold Gloves. When Frank Robinson left Cincinnati to join Brooks on the Orioles in 1966, that team became a powerhouse. Frank Robinson won the MVP award that year, the first player to do so in each league. He remembers taking the momentous step to become the first African-American manager in the big leagues, the final step that Jackie Robinson had wanted to take. Like Frank Robinson, Billy Williams was one of the first African-American stars not to come out of the old Negro Leagues. He spent his greatest years with the Chicago Cubs, playing alongside Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks, and later Ron Santo, but here he recalls how he nearly gave up on the game in the minor leagues.

We Would Have Played for Nothing is full of fascinating stories about how these great ballplayers broke into baseball, about the inevitable frustrations of trying to negotiate a contract with owners who always had the upper hand, and about great games and great stars-teammates and opponents-whose influence shaped these ballplayers' lives forever.

Illustrated throughout, this book is a wonderful reminiscence of two great decades in the history of baseball.
Customer Review: Perfect Book for the Baseball Fan!
"Life doesn't get better than this. Grown men getting to play a game and getting paid for it - getting paid lots! The story of Mantle, Berra, Campanella, Mays, and DiMaggio is vivid and powerful in their love for a game that the nation loves. The perfect book for the baseball fan."
Customer Review: Not much new
If you are a fan of baseball in the 1950s and 1960s, it's doubtful you'll learn much new from Fay Vincent's "We Would Have Played the Game for Nothing." Vincent rounds up many of the usual suspects from this era to interview for his oral history series. The players include three Brooklyn Dodgers--Carl Erskine, Ralph Branca and Duke Snider--plus Robin Roberts, Frank Robinson, Brooks Robinson, Harmon Killebrew, Billy Williams, Whitey Ford, Lew Burdette and Bill Rigney. The presence of three Dodgers is two too many since they tend to recount the same events. Most of the players interviewed by Vincent, with the exception of Rigney, have received plenty of previous exposure. Vincent doesn't seem to have done much homework for the interviews. It seems as if he asked very general questions like "What were your most memorable moments?" "Who were the toughest players you played against?" Many of the anecdotes have appeared before. Vincent doesn't dig beyond the surface. Interestingly, Jackie Robinson has a strong presence in the book. Just about every player mentioned him in one context or another. It's clear he commanded respect and admiration from who played with him, against him, or those influenced by him. The title for Vincent's book is somewhat overstated. Sure, the players loved the game, but they wouldn't have played for nothing. They knew they were underpaid and the owners were taking advantage of them.

Derek Jeter is sidelined by injury, and Alex Rodriguez may be jumping over to play Shortstop. Jeter will always be Yankees, but A-Rod wants to be Yankees too.

Alex Rodriguez taking over for Derek Jeter perhaps at Shortstop, in and of itself, is no big deal. Jeter will heal up, and be back at his rightful position soon enough. However, there is an eerie symbolism to it all.

Alex Rodriguez will never be a true Yankee, especially in the heart of Yankees fans. It is something that Rodriguez misses, like a World Series ring, or anything else worthwhile that his gigantic contract cannot buy.

Alex Rodriguez wants to be The Man, and if stats speak, he is. But I am sure, deep in his heart, A-Rod wants what Derek Jeter has, namely, the respect of the Yankees faithful, and a handful of championship rings. A-Rod has the money and the stats, but not what real gamers value.

Jeter too has the money, and great stats to go along with the cash. Real stats. World Series MVP stats. Jeter, big-game hunting in more pressure situations than anyone maybe in the past 40 years in MLB. For a comparison, you may have to look outside of baseball, to Michael Jordan, to find someone who relishes the challenge of the big stage like Jeter.

A-Rod may slip over to his left and 10 steps back on the Yankees defense, over to where Derek Jeter has been patrolling things for the Yankees since the mid-90's. A few feet over, but a world away in how he, A-Rod, and Derek Jeter are known, and how they will be remembered.

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Friday, May 23, 2008

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Brandon Lyon's spring training problems have now carried over into the regular season. Did anyone see this coming? Yes. Brandon Lyon had an ERA of 13.50 during spring training, allowing 19 hits and striking out only three in a little over eight innings of relief.

Since coming into the league in 2001, Brandon Lyon has never pitched more than 75 innings in any given season. He has an overall record of 18 wins and 24 losses and has only 35 saves in 6 seasons. He was given an opportunity to be the closer after having a relatively good season last year and with the departure of Jose Valverde to the Houston Astros. The closer role was handed to him before spring training even started, why?

Brandon Lyon is an unproven closer and will not be ousted from one bad outing. We can expect to see Lyon get more save opportunities, but I presume he will be on a short leash since Tony Pena is breathing down his neck. Granted, Tony Pena is not a much better option in the closer role. Pena also does not have a good track record.

We may see a closer by committee at some point during the season. The Diamondbacks may have to follow the hot hand. In short, they may be in trouble unless Lyon turns things around, or Pena steps up and fills the role. It is possible that the Diamondbacks may need to go out and trade for someone before the deadline if this situation is not fixed by then.

Steven Farnsworth - President

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  • Chapter 2 of 14
    Making sure the Celebrity will be the right fit for your audience.

    One of the biggest mistakes made when contemplating the use of a celebrity endorser is choosing a celebrity that does not complement your business or product well. For example, sticking a retired baseball player into a kids video about baseball could be a sure failure. Kids dont recognize players from the past. If, however, the target market audience of the video was the kids father (who would be considered a baby boomer) then using a retired player might make a lot of sense. Using a retired player offers a very distinct advantage when it comes to the financial side of the equation. However, while choosing a player from yesterday can cost a lot less money there is also the significantly higher risk of the kid not knowing who the player is and not caring about the video. Along with the reward comes the risk of this type of endorser not being able to make inroads because of lack of a name brand or little current recognition.

    When making your final selection, always weigh in heavily on the specific demographic of the end user. While the buyer may seem like the initial target, the end user might ultimately decide the fate of the product. Make sure you do your homework and know who your market is.

    Currently, we are working on a major pain relief spray project with a public company on the East Coast. They had originally decided that they were going to use a one year retired NASCAR driver. Initially, it seemed a good decision. Once we looked at the market a little closer it became apparent that this product was aimed at people 55 and older (although it has applications for all ages). After much thought we have decided to use a retired HOF baseball player for a number of reasons. First, he is very recognizable, believable, squeaky clean, attractive, provides his own brand awareness, and most importantly, can relate to getting older and experiencing pain. He is a satisfied user of the product and therefore can tell his story on a very sincere level, one that the over 55 group can relate to, as they remember him being one of the top players in the 70s and 80s. We have a perfect fit for a product that is very targeted. By choosing the baseball player over the NASCAR driver, we have a broader audience. A lot of over 55 individuals do not follow NASCAR but most have followed baseball.

    NASCAR is a relatively new sport and thus its following tends to be of a younger age. In this particular deal we also did something very compelling for both the athlete and the company. Most of his compensation is tied to the actual sales of the product. With this arrangement, we insure that we have the undivided attention of the athlete throughout the contract. A proactive athlete helps to sell himself and the product and is extremely motivated to go the extra mile to make sure they become a household name. In fact, we have already seen huge dividends in the form of athlete contacts. This would not happen if we had not signed him to a performance based royalty payment schedule.

    copyright 2006 Ron Tyler

    Ron Tyler has been in the creative marketing business for the past 20 plus years. He has consulted with small companies all the way up to public companies. He has extensive experience in the strategy and benefit arena and actual implementation of laser targeted marketing plans. He can be reached via email at

    Field A Ground Ball - How To Field A Ground Ball In Youth Baseball

    Fielding a ground ball hit to you

    Hands down facing the batter, knees bent so the glove gets down (butt down..gets the hands down and provides good balance). This is perfect if the ball is right to you. But what if the ball is not hit to you? You have to move your feet!

    Get in front of the ball, and you have to move your feet quickly to do that.

    As coaches we want our players to be in front of the ball because if there is not a clean catch the body still gives protection of keeping the ball from escaping the infield. I like to emphasize in boys youth baseball to use their eyes also. You cant catch what you cant see. If you move your feet to get in front of the ball have your glove in front where you can see the ball come into the glove, the youth player has a better chance of a good catch and making the play.

    Fielding a ground ball to the right or left

    There are two methods two catch this ball. One is the Shuffle step. This is used when the ball is hit just a little to either side and you can quickly get to the ball still in ready position. If the ball is hit to the left you shuffle step with left foot and the right foot moves quickly after to stay in the ready position.It's the opposite if the ball is hit to the right. 2 or 3 quick shuffle steps can be done by any youth baseball player in the ready position to field a close ground ball.

    The second method is the Crossover. When the ball is a little farther away to the move quickly to the ball the right foot will crossover in front of and past the left foot. The opposite is done for a ball hit to the right. Left over Right or Right over left is used when you need to get to the ball quickly and is far enough away you cant shuffle to it. A key point in doing the crossover is not to stand up. A good youth baseball tip is to remain bent at the waist during the crossover to keep from wasting time.

    Author- Brian McClure

    Parents and Coaches - Get Free Youth Baseball Drills and Tips Here!

    See our complete list of Topics and articles on youth baseball here;

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