Monday, May 26, 2008

Boston Red Sox (2007 World Series Champions, Group) Sports Poster Print - 24" X 36"

This poster shows the Boston Red Sox in celebration after winning the World Series in 2007. At the top it shows the trophy, the Red Sox logo, and Mike Lowell holding up the MVP trophy. In the middle it says "2007 World Series Champions". At the bottom it shows the scores for the four games of their World Series sweep. This poster measures approx. 24" x 36" The Boston Red Sox are a professional Major League Baseball team based in Boston, Massachusetts. They are also known as The BoSox (a blend of Boston and Sox). They are often familiarly referred to by newspapers and fans as simply The Sox. A charter member of the American League East Division, their home field is Fenway Park, which opened on April 20, 1912, and is the oldest major league ballpark still in operation.

Why do we pay money to sites? Simple.. We are very competitive and want to win in any fantasy league we are in. Besides it seems like the deeper one gets into fantasy football, or any other fantasy league, there is money at the end, and we all like money, right? I have been in several fantasy football leagues and have found certain things.

#1- enter as many free mock drafts as you can, drafting in different spots. This may sound silly but the more mock drafts you're in the better you will feel when the real one starts.

#2 Paid sites are nice but I have found several free ones that work just as well. Knowledge of the sport your are in will always help as well.

#3 My money site gave me a great draft, but then advised me to get rid of several players who were hot at the time(thinking they would cool off and I could get value for them at the time). Guess what, they stayed hot all year.This was not good for me.

Funny though, my first 2 years into fantasy football gave me 2 SuperBowl wins. There not real SuperBowls of course but to me they are. The next several years I bounced from last to fourth, using paid sites. I have found myself confused whether to use the free sites or the paid sites. After all, I was paying out money to these experts to win me a championship, or as I like to say, a SuperBowl. So after 6 years now I have finally got it all together.

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