Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Baseball Packaged Sport Kit (New 6"x 8"Size)

Precision-cut from white vinyl

Motivating young baseball players is always a challenge for the youth baseball coach. Many times coaches get wrapped up in the game and forget why they are coaching and don't remember to keep players motivated!

Coaches will get negative because a player made a mistake. Instead of You should talk to the player about what he did right followed by what ever error he made mental or physical and then follow up with a positive comment to close it out...commonly referred to as the sandwich technique!

Here is something else coaches need to be aware of when it comes to their relationship with their players.Coaches need to be prepared at practice get your stuff done with the players and then on game day kick back call the shots and then let the players have fun and play the game. If players are making mental mistakes then it is back to practice the next day and its the coaches turn to get it going. Game day should be for the players.

It goes without saying that coaches need to know their players different personalities and motivate accordingly. Some players need to be pushed harder,they need you to be in their face from time to time, others don't need much at all to keep them motivated, while some need just encouragement to get the most out of them.

I would say the number 1 issue with coaching youth baseball and motivating players is how they are treated by their coaches as far as the rules go for the team. I Can't tell you how many times I have seen players miss practice and no consequences for that player. That sends the wrong message to the rest of the team. I know this sounds too obvious but if that is true why is it so prevalent in youth sports. This brings down a teams morale more than anything.

Now instead of players focusing on the game their more concerned about the fact that a certain player is getting special treatment. In other words be fair and consistent whether it is your super athlete or your average player.

In conclusion when it comes to coaching youth baseball and motivation think about what you are doing in regards to your players and how that is going to equate on the field. let's put our best into the game and if we get beat lets get beat with every one playing at their full potential and nothing less, that is not a failure but rather a winning effort!

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