Sunday, May 25, 2008

Diamond DOL-1 Official League NFHS Baseball (One Dozen)

The Ball of Choice! Consistend performance from the first inning to the last, durability to help the budget and the perfect raised seam. Just a few of the reasons Diamond remains The Ball of Choice for top notch conferences, leagues and organizations around the world. Don't settle for inferior imitations; experience the Diamond difference.
Customer Review: Easily the best baseball for the money!
This baseball is easily one of the best bargains you will find for 3 BIG reasons: 1. It's NFHS approved - this means it is official and does not contain second-rate materials for the interior. 2. Because the center is made of quality materials, it hits off the bat in a consistent fashion--consistent to what you will find in an official league game where all baseballs must be NFHS approved. Cheaper practice baseballs tend to bounce off the bat more, which does not simulate the real thing. 3. Leather exterior makes it durable. This baseball outlives the cheap ones. My players prefer Diamond baseballs. While Wilson is the premier, Diamond offers a cheaper alternative ($25 less per dozen than Wilson) with virtually all of the same benefits. All in all, the Diamond NFHS baseball is 40 cents more per baseball than a practice ball. It worth spending $5 more for this particular baseball. I've tried almost every baseball on the market and this is the best deal you're going to find for an official NFHS baseball.
Customer Review: baseball review
I believe that Diamond makes one of the higest quality baseballs for competition. I am a coach and have used several other brands that have not stood up. I have been very picky with the baseball equipment that I have purchased and Diamond baseballs have always been a quality product.

It still feels like Alex Rodriguez is the unexpected guest on the New York Yankees. High-priced and controversial, has he finally put in enough Pinstripe time to have it be his Yankees?

Derek Jeter is the captain of the New York Yankees. Alex Rodriguez is his mate at third base, knocking in runs and hitting home runs for the Yankees at a record pace. Still, there is a wall between Alex Rodriguez and the fans. He is not appreciated, nor is he accepted as a real New York Yankee.

Alex Rodriguez, though, for on-field production, has been The Man for the Yankees since his inception on the Bronx Bombers. From that standpoint, he is the most important player on the New York Yankees, but he will never be its heart. The heart and soul of the New York Yankees will be Derek Jeter, as long as Jeter is a member of the team.

Alex Rodriguez can make inroads by playing like the regular-season A-Rod in the post-season. It could become Alex Rodriguez' team, if he could, like Reggie Jackson before him, ignite World Series fire. It was Thurman Munson's team, Yankee fans will recall, until Reggie tore through the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series. Now, looking back, the highlights and stories all portray it as Reggie Jackson leading the New York Yankees to World Series glory.

Call him Alex Rodriguez, or call him A-Rod. Yankee fans want to love, but that love is granted at the toll where championship dues are paid.

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