Friday, May 30, 2008

Oakland A's Franchise Fitted Baseball Cap

Founded in 1946, Twins Enterprise is the creator of The Franchise, their signature cap that is always the perfect fit. Twins has the exclusive rights to create fitted, relaxed caps for Major League Baseball. Several top universities (including Alabama, Texas, Notre Dame, and North Carolina) look exclusively to Twins to create the Franchise cap for their students and fans. When Major League Baseball players celebrate winning their Division or the Wild Card they proudly wear caps manufactured and created by Twins Enterprise. Available in just about every major sport, as well as many impressive companies and brands, Twins Caps are everywhere. You may even be wearing one right now.

Customer Review: What do you say about a hat?
It arrived at my place within 2 days, and it fit. That's worth 5 stars anyday. The pictures on Amazon make it look darker than it really is. It was hard for me to tell that it was green from the pictures, but in real life it is easy to tell.

The floundering Yankees managed to win one yesterday. Many are questioning A Rods tatics in the top of the ninth. With the Yankees up by two runs, Alex Rodriguez was running from first on a pop fly by Jorge Posada. As the Blue Jay Clark, 3b, was preparing to catch the pop fly with McDonald, ss, backing up the play; A Rod let out a yell. This yell was heard by Clark as one of his team mates calling him off and he backed off at the last moment. McDonald was unable to make the catch and the ball fell in for a hit.

The controversy started immediately. Umpire Chad Fairchild had to seperate McDonald and Rodriguez when McDonald started jawing with Rodriguez. The Blue Jays manager entered into the onfield dispute and the homebase umpire had to intervene. Rodriguez remained at third base with his smirk, until he came into score on Giambis single.

Rodriguez later brushed aside the Blue Jays anger, saying the Yankee$ were desperate for a win.

Honestly, I couldnt care less, he said. They have their opinions. Were looking not to be swept.

The thing about the Yankees, one of the reasons theyre so respected, is they do things right. Always have, manager John Gibbons said. Theyve got a lot of pride and a lot of class. They play the game hard. Thats not Yankee pride right there, he said. Thats not the way they play. I thought it was bush league.

It sounds like the sort of thing that would happen during an unsupervised game on the sandlots or a beer ball game. Technically there is nothing wrong with what A Rod did. After all, he didnt go out of the baseline or try to bowl over the player fielding the ball. Players really should know the voices of their other team mates.

In the final analysis, Alex resorted to a parlor trick trying to fan the embers in the overbloated bellies of his fellow Yankee$. It smacks of misplaced desperation.

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