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Baseball Jersey Raglan 3/4 sleeve by Augusta Sportswear (Style# 420)

Baseball Jersey with 3/4 sleeve by Augusta Sportswear. 50% polyester/50% cotton, White or athletic heather body, Contrasting 3/4-length raglan sleeves, Scooped shirt tail, Available in White or Athletic Heather body. Perfect for Softball and Baseball, Available in Adult & Youth sizes
Customer Review: Thin shirts
material is thin, I probably wouldn't have bought this item in person.
Customer Review: Thin material and no hem.
While this t-shirt looks good in the picture, it's actually pretty poor quality once you get it in hand. The material is very thin and the bottom of the shirt is not hemmed, which means it has a tendancy to roll up. The price is right, however, but you definitely get what you pay for.

Getting adults to understand the importance of a clear perspective on winning and losing is very difficult let alone do the same with little league baseball players. Here I will show why it is important that adults need to show the way for young athletes to understand the objective in sports.

Let's get right into it shall we. Too often i hear especially at the major boys level (11-12 year olds) it all about winning! Well that's great, I like winning as much as anyone and i get very competitive. However I am an adult and and the coach who needs to keep the players with a great understanding of competition.

The Great and not late John Wooden says you are only a failure if you have not given a complete effort at all times whether on the field of court. What do I mean? if you are get beat by another team or individual it's OK as long as you gave your best. It happens, you tip your hat and move on. Sure we're disappointed in the outcome but not in our effort. After the games are gone what are the players going to take with them about sports and competition?

We are not talking about pro sports here yet that same axiom should and does apply with them most of the time. My point is this you can win a game and not be happy with your players effort and they need to hear about it.

Just last week I watched the team my son is on and that I help with win a game 3-1 against a young team that we should have defeated 8-1 or more. To the other teams credit they played us hard and were right there at the end. Our team made base running blunders that took us out of innings and eliminated additional scoring opportunities.

We had players giving up on plays when they should have been going all out and making the other team beat us with their best instead we gave them easy outs. here is the main point I'm driving here is to make the other team beat you, don't hand it to them. That is not acceptable. I mentioned something to them at practice last night and the best player on the team said well we won anyway! Wrong answer!!

We play one of the better teams in our league and that 3 runs wouldn't have been enough and we left 3-4 runs out there on the field with a lousy effort.

Players need to understand to play aggressive baseball at all times and know that that is what competition is all about. My best against your best!

Remember coaches you are a teacher and these values go way past playing baseball. Teach them the right way to play the game and have fun with it.

Stephen K Reynolds is publisher of the LSR Unlimted "Free" newsletter which focuses on helping newcomers & seasoned pros learn the secrets to marketing in the ever changing world of the internet! Working from home on the internet allows him the time to coach little league baseball in western Montana. For more information on this e-mail


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