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Hit-A-Way® Baseball Swing Trainer (EA)

Hit-A-Way Baseball Jeter Series.   Endorsed by All-Star Derek Jeter! A player can use Hit-A-Way to warm-up or practice most anywhere, even in limited space. Simulates pitches without chasing balls. Develops hand eye coordination and is the perfect tool when learning to switch hit. New materials in cord produce better timing to develop stance and swing mechanics. Hit-A-Way is very easy to carry, weighing less than two pounds. Can be stored in bat bags, back packs or carry- alls. "The hottest new batting aid on the market today." Amazing results in ball players of all ages. New sleeve design improves visibility as well as contact feel and sound. (Post not included).   
Customer Review: Great tool
I bought this item elsewhere, but after reading the reviews here, I felt I needed to add my thoughts. This is a great tool, but it will not teach everything a person needs to be a good hitter. I have used it, and still do, with a 5 year old, and an 8 year old. Both children have used it for the past year. It is true, the timing is different from a real pitch, but this device does help teach "timing". It also is a superior method of teaching hand to eye coordination involving a baseball bat. I can totally understand every negative review posted here as we went through the same problems. Once they got the hang of the timing, and counting the "unwraps", even my youngest son can keep it going. It is also interesting to let the batter see the diffence in bats. The usefulness of this device is similar to the soft toss drills; it builds hand eye coordination while helping build a basic swing. It should also be coupled with lots of real balls thrown. I have seen the effectiveness of this device, and I would buy it again (and the pole). All this being said, it is not something that everyone will be able to keep going without some practice.
Customer Review: this item is not for every young player
my son saw this product on tv and i bought it for him-thinking this is just another gimmick item and will never work. well from the very beginning her took to this thing. he is 11 yrs now and was about 8.5 when he started using it. he is on his third hitaway now-i replace it each year. first of all you need a place that the child can access it. for instance we have ours fixed to an old gas lamp pole right on our front lawn. so when the weather got a little warmer say late march, my son would come home after school and before coming into the front door he would grab the bat that was always waiting next to the hit away pole and hit this thing for between 5 and 15 minutes. then he would come into the house. so after doing this day after day-just a few minutes each day he got pretty good at it. i noticed considerable increase in bat speed. another very important thing is for the father to provide reinforcement and encouragement while he is hacking away at this thing. it is not easy. one gets tired pretty quickly. but like i said with short daily repetitions-this product really pays off. one thing i do recommend-in addition to daily diligence-is to have your son take atleast one batting lesson-you need to be there at the lesson as a father of a young baseball player to remember and reteach the lesson. your son absolutely needs to practice daily the baseball hitting technique learned in his lesson-combine this with repetitions on the hitaway- is a recipe for baseball hitting success. i can assure you my son has one of the best swings(if not the best in his age group) in this town of chaham nj-because he hit this hitaway aid thousands of times- it gives strength and bat speed - at the very least. i could go on but the difference between success and failure with this product is not the products fault. it is a very simple product but like everything else it takes practice and perseverence. again i must say that it should be placed in a very highly visible and accessible location. if the hitaway people need any proof that their product can produce a successful hitter-all they have to do is speak to my son. in my title i say that this product is not for every young player. this statement is made because i see how other young boys react to this product. most of them give up and get frustrated-not my son and maybe not yours-but he will need feedback and encouragement from the person in charge.

Coaching Youth Baseball is a great experience for men and women to be involved in. One of the awesome things about being involved in it is the opportunity to be around young people and motivate them to be their best.

There are tons of books and materials on youth baseball so i wont try to re-invent the wheel here.
I just want to hit on some things that need to mentioned. Keep it simple!! The majority of reasons why teams aren't as good as they could be is because they don't do the simple things!

Coaches want to be smart and try to employ strategies that are just to sophisticated for young players especially for 9-10 year olds. Stick to the basics ground ball practice, fly balls, throwing fundamentals, basis pitching mechanics.

Incorporate games into the drills that way kids can see the result of why they need to use a technique correctly. Keep it light and fun that way your players keep coming back for more.

Remember long after the games are over the players will remember how they were treated, not what the score was!! Here is one for you Dads... Your Son or daughter will never be as good as you Thought you were!

Another important key is using stations, less standing around. lets face it there is never enough time as it is. The secret is to make good use of your time while you have your players.

Bottom line have fun with this great game and enjoy your time with the players it goes by very quickly!!

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