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Quiet Ambassador: Pee Wee Reese Story

Easton has been on the forefront of many advances in sporting good technology. It is a company that was started in the 1930's by Doug Easton initially because of his ambition to crafting better quality arrows made of aluminum that would improve traditional archery. Easton has evolved into a leader in making sporting goods because of their advances in the use of aluminum and that has carried into many sports such as baseball, softball, hockey and biking over the last 5 decades, all while standing behind the quality of what they sell in the market.

Years later, Easton dove into creating baseball bats and was recognized for their innovative aluminum baseball bats, a design that was introduced in the early 1970's. They have been the first to improve on new technologies every step of the way throughout the whole aluminum baseball bat evolution. Easton baseball bat makers have lead the way in developing baseball bats out of new lighter weight and more durable metals such as scandium and titanium for enhanced performance as well as using composite metals that are state-of-the-art as of now. Easton also played a role in introducing multi-wall technology which adds to the size and responsiveness of the 'sweet spot' on the barrel. Easton now produces a triple-wall bat known as the 'tri-shell' design and is the only bat producing company to do so. They were the first to create a two-part baseball bat when they started producing their 'Connexion' series, which gives flexibility to the bat for enhanced power. Easton baseball bats are setting trends for other bat making companies today.

Easton now supplies many models of aluminum baseball bats to guarantee that there is a bat out there for every ballplayer. They make youth, high-school, and collegiate certified baseball bats as well as an adult line. Easton baseball bat reviews are always more than satisfactory and the improvements on their products are made to improve your game.

Joe Rodgers is a batting instructor that emphasizes stationary drills to develop the correct mechanics to be a successful batter and offers a website outlining baseball swing mechanics.

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Tea Tree Oil Liquid Foot Powder

A natural herbal conditioning treatment specially formulated to smooth on as a liquid and then instantly dry to a soft, silky powder. Enriched with the antiseptic, deodorizing, and healing properties of Australian Tea Tree Oil, refreshing Baking Soda, and cooling Balm Mint to KEEP FEET DRY, FRESH, AND COMFORTABLE all day long. Repeated use will also soften and condition the rough, dry patches on soles and feet.

If you take a browse through some of the youth baseball bat web sites you will see youth baseball bats for sale at prices of over 300 dollars. They will also give you instructions on how to take care of the bat so it will last at least a year. I have 2 sons who play youth travel baseball and little league baseball. I have felt guilty before that my sons didn't have the latest techno bat out there. But as a coach and a student of the game, I have come to firmly believe that it is so much more the hitter, than the bat. Having a 300-dollar bat will not take the place of going to lessons, buying a hitting video, and using it of course, or just plain hard work.

You can learn how to hit a baseball well even if you are not blessed with the natural born talent of hitting. It is matter of work. I have seen time and time again, some kid with an old cu-31 alloy bat out hit kids with the 300-dollar unit. If you and your child are serious about hitting, do yourself a favor and go get some professional instruction. These lessons are for the parents just as much. I have learned so much from picking the brains of my kids hitting instructors. I also have learned to trust them in sizing youth baseball bats for my kids.

They tell me to have them hold the bat near the handle with their weaker arm and raise the bat up to shoulder height. When they can lift the bat up to that height with no problem, that is a correct weight for them. I had much to learn about teaching how to hit a baseball. There where old ideas that that had to go such as elbow up, and take a big stride. I had to learn its hands first, then hips. Baseball coaches have access to some great youth baseball, and little league coaching tools, if they know where to look on the Internet.

There is a free 7-part youth baseball coaching e-course that covers some overlooked topics such as travel baseball, and how to deal with parents, as well as running a good youth baseball practice. It also covers positive mindset for players as well as coaches. Sign up for it at

I know you will get something good out of it.

Thanks, Chip Lemin
440 465 3337
Cleveland, Ohio

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Boston Red Sox (2007 World Series Champions, Group) Sports Poster Print - 24" X 36"

This poster shows the Boston Red Sox in celebration after winning the World Series in 2007. At the top it shows the trophy, the Red Sox logo, and Mike Lowell holding up the MVP trophy. In the middle it says "2007 World Series Champions". At the bottom it shows the scores for the four games of their World Series sweep. This poster measures approx. 24" x 36" The Boston Red Sox are a professional Major League Baseball team based in Boston, Massachusetts. They are also known as The BoSox (a blend of Boston and Sox). They are often familiarly referred to by newspapers and fans as simply The Sox. A charter member of the American League East Division, their home field is Fenway Park, which opened on April 20, 1912, and is the oldest major league ballpark still in operation.

Why do we pay money to sites? Simple.. We are very competitive and want to win in any fantasy league we are in. Besides it seems like the deeper one gets into fantasy football, or any other fantasy league, there is money at the end, and we all like money, right? I have been in several fantasy football leagues and have found certain things.

#1- enter as many free mock drafts as you can, drafting in different spots. This may sound silly but the more mock drafts you're in the better you will feel when the real one starts.

#2 Paid sites are nice but I have found several free ones that work just as well. Knowledge of the sport your are in will always help as well.

#3 My money site gave me a great draft, but then advised me to get rid of several players who were hot at the time(thinking they would cool off and I could get value for them at the time). Guess what, they stayed hot all year.This was not good for me.

Funny though, my first 2 years into fantasy football gave me 2 SuperBowl wins. There not real SuperBowls of course but to me they are. The next several years I bounced from last to fourth, using paid sites. I have found myself confused whether to use the free sites or the paid sites. After all, I was paying out money to these experts to win me a championship, or as I like to say, a SuperBowl. So after 6 years now I have finally got it all together.

Ron J Price writes on similar related issues. You can learn by visiting my blog
Fantasy football Views

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Rawlings ROLB1X Official League Baseball (DZN)

  ROLB1 with minor cosmetic imperfections   Cork and rubber pill   Raised seams   Full grain leather cover (blem)

Well the big news of the weekend in baseball is that the Mets came to agreement on a long-term contract with star lefthander Johan Santana, thus finalizing their deal with the Minnesota Twins.

Santana and the Mets inked a $137.5 million, six-year contract on Friday evening followed by Santana's passing his physical on Saturday, completing the four for one deal which sent the Twins four top prospects.

AP Baseball Writer Mike Fitzpatrick managed to obtain, in broad terms, an early analysis of the dollars-side of the deal for Yahoo sports;

Terms of the agreement were disclosed by a baseball official with knowledge of the talks who spoke on condition of anonymity because no announcement had been made. The deal includes deferred money and a club option for 2014 with a $5.5 million buyout that could make the contract worth about $150 million over seven seasons. Depending on Santana's performance, the option could become guaranteed.

On Saturday,'s Charlie Noble reported a more comprehensive look at the dollars year-by-year on a deal which could mushroom, according to New York Times' Ben Shpigel, to as much as $157 million if Santana meets the criteria for a "player's option" to vest.

Santana sports a career record spanning over 8 seasons of 93-44, including a 20-6 mark in 2004 and a 19-6 record in 2006, with a lifetime ERA of 3.22 having never walked more than 54 hitters in a season while averaging over 200 innings and striking out over 230 hitters in each of his last 4 seasons. In 2007, having had a somewhat off-year, his homer count jumped to 33 vs 22-24 in the previous 3 seasons and his ERA leaped to 3.33 from the mid-2.70s -2.80s in the previous seasons.

I find both fascinating, and hopeful for the Phillies, the reactions of former Met Tom Glavine, now with the Atlanta Braves, as well as others regarding the deal.'s Marty Noble reports Glavine's take on the deal;

"Obviously, this is a huge lift for them," Glavine said. "The guy is arguably the best pitcher in the game right now. They have every reason to be excited about that and optimistic about their season, but so do we. I think we addressed our needs really well, and I think we all feel good about our chances.

"When Randy Johnson went to the Yankees ... everybody was ready to hand them the World Series trophy, and it never happened. That's why you play the games. You just don't know what's going to happen."

APs' Fitzpatrick reported these comments;

"He's good but he's not unbeatable. He got hit around last year," said pitcher Tim Hudson of the Atlanta Braves, one of the Mets' chief rivals in the NL East along with Philadelphia. "We've just got to be concerned about ourselves. We can't be consumed by what anyone else does."

Finally, ESPN's Jayson Stark provides the enlightening take of one unnamed GM on the deal and on the Mets in general;

We polled 12 front-office types this week on whether they thought the Phillies or post-Johan Mets would win the NL East. Ten of them took the Mets. But one who didn't, an NL executive, was adamant that the Phillies have an energy and a personality the Mets lack.

"I'm talking about the way guys like (Jimmy) Rollins and (Chase) Utley and (Shane) Victorino play," he said. "Guys like that find ways to grind out wins. The Mets don't have those kinds of guys. Both those teams had a lot of guys who got hurt last year. But after the Mets got hurt, they didn't play the same way. Chase Utley got hurt and the Phillies kept on coming. To me, that's because that 'gamer quotient' was still there."

Further, it must be remembered that the Mets, as exemplified by shortstop Jose Reyes, gave up on ground balls by not running them out.

Offensively, they didn't have what it took down the stretch. And once one gets past Santana and John Maine, the rest of the rotation is one huge and aging question-mark. I'll stick by my Santana, Maine, three days of rain analogy and assert that the Mets will be looking up at the Phillies in 2008 rather than over their shoulders even with Santana's acquisition.

I would feel even better about the Phillies if they acquired an innings-eating, mid-3s ERA 4th starter behind Hamels, Myers and Kendrick as well as a capable middle reliever.

Mark Burt has been a lifelong baseball fan, particularly of the Philadelphia Phillies. Shortly before the 2006 season, Mark decided to start a baseball blog -- which is now entering it's 3rd year online.

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